Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan” and Debates on Authority, Agency and Authenticity

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We argue that the film effectively generated political debates because it left viewers to grapple with a series of ambiguous positions, which merit attention at a moment when most observers are focused on the widening reach of Russian state “propaganda.” An account of how societal or civic voices responded to the state’s narratives reveals a very different and novel “map” of Russia’s contemporary ideological terrain.

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“There is Nothing Outside the Beast”: A Conversation with Kevin Rothrock


Тhe imagined reader should be someone who doesn’t care about what you’re trying to tell them. So the flavor of what you’re writing should have a little something that holds their attention for a second longer. Maybe it’s some unexpected flourish here or there, a flash of colloquialism that feels out of place, but without completely contradicting professional norms.

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