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Why the US Should Normalize Relations with Syria

US challenges in the Middle East are complex and years in the making. They will require equally complex and protracted solutions, for which success is by no means assured. But allowing Russia to continue to take advantage of a rapprochement with Syria would be a mistake from the perspective of US foreign policy. 

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Will American Liquefied Natural Gas Change the Russian Sanctions Game?

When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the United States reacted with its first round of sanctions against the country, with the Obama administration levying additional sanctions in December of 2016 after the American Intelligence Community announced that Russia had interfered in the American presidential election. We may never know what effect American sanctions have had on the situation in Ukraine, but one thing is clear: they have not deterred Russia from continuing to target American elections. Why? As this post will argue, the structure of the Russian economy is partly to blame.

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How NATO Destabilizes Europe

As NATO has expanded since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Moscow’s sphere of influence has shrunk. The result is an environment that contributes to Russia’s sense that it is insecure and “surrounded by enemies.” NATO and US actions in the wake of the Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine have confirmed Russian fears, increasing the likelihood of open conflict. Meanwhile, the rise of authoritarianism, especially in Poland, Hungary, and Turkey, has created fractions within the alliance that Russia can and will exploit. Against this background, NATO’s behavior appears to incite Russian retaliation even as its structure prevents the alliance from addressing the threat potential Russian aggression poses to NATO member states.

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