Daria Prokhorova

Articles by Daria Prokhorova

Russia’s Relations with the West one Year after the US Presidential Elections

One year after the US presidential elections, what is the current state of US-Russian/Eurasian relations and what can we expect for the future?

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Neoliberalism and the Crisis of Liberalism

Scholars discuss the roots of neoliberalism and how we can understand the spheres of economic and political liberalism.

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An Interdisciplinary Study of the Russian Revolution

Scholars host a roundtable to discuss the multi-layered legacy of 1917.

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Technology, Ideology and Culture: Legacies of Soviet-African Relations

Historians and anthropologists discuss the impacts and legacies of Soviet-African relations of the 20th century.

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Julia Sweet discusses the role of collective memory in Putin’s propaganda machine

Julia Sweet considers the Russian state’s most effective propaganda strategies in maintaining anti-Ukrainian sentiment.

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Reflecting on the 1917 Revolution: Yanni Kotsonis gives a lecture on doubts about the “Great Event”

Yanni Kotsonis presents the question, Should we as historians be investing such meaning in the 1917 Revolution?

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