Maria Vinogradova
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A Synthesis of Ephemeral Forms: Soviet Camera Enthusiasm on the Margins of the Performing Arts

During the renaissance that was the post-Stalin Thaw period, camera enthusiasm became a notable aspect of Soviet sixties culture. The film clubs opening in various parts of the country were both evidence of and catalyst for a growing cinephilia. At the same time, new domestic production of 16- and 8mm equipment produced growing numbers of people wishing to try their hand at making films.

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Reassembling the Ephemeral: Soviet Amateur Culture at the Orphan Film Symposium

On April 11-14, NYU’s Orphan Film Symposium returns to New York for the first time in six years. This biennial event, which gathers a diverse international group of scholars, archivists, curators, filmmakers, and artists, has gained a cult status among enthusiasts of rare and archival films.

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