Director’s Letter – Summer 2018


July 6, 2018

Dear friends and affiliates of the Jordan Center:

It’s not always the case that I can say this, but it is the summer of 2018 and that means all eyes are on Russia! As I still continue to marvel over the fact that Russia beat Spain earlier this week, I hope you too are enjoying the World Cup from wherever you may (or may not) be watching it.  But even when the World Cup comes to a close and we are no longer getting requests from friends for “something to do in Moscow if I’m there for a day”, the world’s attention will once again turn to Russia in mid-July for the Trump-Putin summit.  Interesting times, indeed.

Here at the Jordan Center we have concluded yet another academic year dedicated to our support of the study of all things Russia.  We continue to do this through a variety of different approaches: supporting the academic research of our faculty and students; hosting short-term visiting scholars; and sponsoring high quality lectures, panel discussions, colloquia and conferences.  This year was no exception, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of our year-end numbers with you.  In 2017-2018, the Jordan Center:

In particular, I would like to draw your attention to the last of these events “The New US-Russian Cold War – Who is to Blame?”, which was a moderated debate between NYU Emeritus Professor Stephen Cohen and former Ambassador to Russia – and current Stanford University Professor – Michael McFaul.  The two presented very different takes on what is a crucially important topic, but did so in a way that was civil, respectful, and ultimately enlightening for those witnessing the debate, something that is alas too infrequent these days. In my opinion, the event highlighted the beneficial role universities can play for society by allowing those with opposing views on important political topics to exchange those opinions in a constructivemanner in public.  In addition to the 200+ people who joined us in person, the video of the debate has been viewed over 12,000 times.

In case you missed any of these events, I want to remind you that you can find recordings of all of these events on our website in the Video Archive as well as write ups of events in the Event Recap section.  Our goal is for all of events to be accessible to anyone who is interested in them, regardless of whether they can attend in person and/or are free at the time we are holding it.  And if you want to know more about these events ahead of time, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook. As always, we will continue live streaming as many of our events as possible, so feel free to join us virtually when you can!

Have a great summer, enjoy the rest of the World Cup, and hope to see you in the fall at the Jordan Center!

All best,
Joshua A. Tucker
Director, Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia

PS. If you enjoy what we do at the Jordan Center and share our belief that now, more than, ever, the world needs informed information about all things Russia, please consider making a – still tax deductible! – gift to support the work of the center. If interested, you can make a gift online, or feel free to reach out directly to me at