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The New Cold War is Cold-Blooded: Mass Hysteria and Sex Lizards in Space

We are on the verge of a new era. The world’s first Earth-orbiting sex lizard satellite has been launched by the Russians – and they’ve already lost all contact with it.

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Andrei Zorin’s Sandglass

All creative works are autobiographical, but they are autobiographical in their own way.

As part of NYU’s commemoration of the War of 1812, the Jordan Center was pleased to welcome Andrei Zorin last Friday, to present an engaging talk on the problems of ruptures, ends, continuities and discontinuities in history and in Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace. While he was mostly concerned with the subject of time in the novel, Zorin also made a case for reading the novel as a personal experience for Tolstoy rather than as a national epic.

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Sergei Parkhomenko and the Protest Movement in Russia

“What can Russians do to express themselves? Be political.”

Raising and answering this crucial question, Sergei Parkhomenko spoke this past Monday at the Jordan Center about the recent protest movement in Russia. According to Parkhomenko, Russia’s leadership has spent the past twelve years trying to dismantle the country’s political system. However, more and more Russians are coming to understand that politics is their business and that the struggle for rights belongs to them. Over the course of two hours, Parkhomenko addressed two main questions: what recent changes have led to this new atmosphere in Russia and how can this new atmosphere continue to thrive?

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