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Call for Submissions: 2024 Graduate Student Essay Competition

The Blog of the Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia is pleased to announce our annual Graduate Student Essay Competition for 2024. Enter for a chance to get published on the blog and win cash prizes.

We invite 750-1200 word submissions from full- or part-time M.A. and Ph.D. students from any accredited academic institution in the United States, on any topic and sub-discipline within Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, broadly defined. Cultural criticism; opinion pieces; public-facing treatments of scholarly work; political analysis; book, film, or event reviews; and more are welcome.

All submissions must be in English and observe the blog’s submission guidelines and full competition rules.

Essays are due no later than Friday, 15 March 2024 at 11:59 PM EST, and must be submitted via this Google form.

Seven winners will be selected based on the originality, clarity, and argumentation of their essays, as well as general fit with the blog’s tone and interests as reflected in the submission guidelines linked above. An interdisciplinary panel of judges will select three Grand Prize winners representing history, cultural studies, and the social sciences, each of whom will receive a $500 prize. Four additional Judges’ Choice submissions will receive $200 each. All winners will have their essays published in the Jordan Center Blog.

Competition results will be announced in Summer 2024.

Please note that, for legal reasons around international contest rules, we are unfortunately unable to provide monetary awards to those located outside the US. Regrettably, we must therefore restrict competition for monetary prizes to graduate students of any nationality currently located within the US. Those outside the US, including US citizens and visa holders and those studying at US institutions but currently based abroad, are ineligible for the contest. Outside the bounds of the contest, we welcome submissions from anyone interested in being published on the Blog, regardless of citizenship, national origin, or location. As always, thank you for your interest in the Jordan Center Blog.

Please direct any questions to

Call for Submissions: 2023 Graduate Student Essay Competition

The Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia is pleased to announce the fourth annual Graduate Student Essay Competition. Submissions are due by Thursday, 1 June 2023 at 11:59 PM EST.

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On the First Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Today marks one year since Russia began its illegal and immoral military invasion of Ukraine. We continue to be horrified at the wanton destruction and loss of life brought about by Russia’s war on its neighbor. In lieu of yet another attempt to make sense of the situation, we are opting not to publish any content on the Jordan Center Blog today.

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Announcing: A Name Change

In light of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, we have elected to jettison the Jordan Center Blog’s original name, “All the Russias.” As a publication that strives to illuminate the entire broad space of Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, we do not align ourselves with any kind of “gathering of the lands.” Although the original name was chosen as a metaphorical, tongue-in-cheek reference, its imperialistic connotations are unacceptable under the current circumstances. We remain committed to our mission of promoting innovative research, commentary, and analysis and are accepting drafts and pitches now as always. We would especially welcome pieces pertaining to the ongoing war, which the blog has covered since February 24.

Please continue to send questions and comments, pitches and drafts to our old email address, or feel free to use our new one:

The Jordan Center Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Like many of you, we at the Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia are dismayed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While we are a community of interdisciplinary scholars who study a variety of topics and countries, today all of our thoughts are first and foremost with the people of Ukraine. We stand with all the people of Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world who oppose this senseless, unprovoked war.

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