Helen Stuhr-Rommereim

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On Studying and Teaching Lesser-Known Russian Writers

At every meeting of “The Other 19v,” a reading group devoted to discussing less-studied nineteenth-century Russian writers, we find new insights into this century of literary experimentation and cultural transformation. We are also currently working on a special issue of “Russian Literature” on the “unknown nineteenth century,” focused on less-studied writers. We are collecting abstract submissions for the issue until March 15; please contact Helen Stuhr-Rommereim or Vadim Shneyder if you are interested in contributing.

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Formalism and the Future (Part II)

It is unlikely that the category of “art” will ever fully disappear even as the boundary between “art” and “life” grows increasingly muddled.

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Formalism and the Future (Part I)

In the field of Russian literary studies, there has been a recent move towards reviving turn of the century Russian literary theoretical approaches – specifically that of Yuri Tynianov’s formalist predecessor Alexander Veselovsky, whose “historical poetics” approach is currently experiencing something of a renaissance.

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