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Radio Daze: Mysteries of The Russian Woodpecker

Over the course of the film, Alexandrovich develops the theory that the Chernobyl nuclear disaster was intentionally set off to cover up the non-functionality of the supposedly seven-billion-ruble Pecker.

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Brutality and Silence in Slaboshpytskyiy’s The Tribe

In The Tribe, silence is the perfect cover for a mini-crime ring.

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Interdisciplinarity and the Soviet Criminal

Ken Pinnow presented his ideas about criminal studies in the early Soviet period to the NYU Jordan Center Colloquium Series. He spoke about the unprecedented interdisciplinary work done in the 1920s, where sociologists, psychologists and biologists joined together to research a previously inaccessible object, the Soviet criminal. Pinnow’s talk sparked debate about the production of knowledge in the Soviet Union and the specificity of criminology in the 1920s from a diversity of scholars from around the country.

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Don’t Look Back: a review of the film My Joy

While lacking the leather-clad explosivity of Road Warrior and the melancholic drone of Red Lights, Sergei Loznitsa puts Russia on the map with his new on-the-road flick, My Joy. Where that road leads is not so clear.

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