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Navalny, NFTs, and the New Arena for Political Dissent

NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” grant their purchasers ownership over a form of digital media. Like Bitcoin, NFTs are recorded on a blockchain to promote transparency and enhance security. Unlike various forms of cryptocurrency, NFTs are unique and not interchangeable, which solidifies their virtual rarity. While NFTs can theoretically represent a variety of digital assets, most recently they have been used in the sale of digital art.

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Thesis Profile: Ukrainian Interwar Nationalism in Prague

My combined interest in Ukrainian art and history led me to explore a brief segment of Ukraine’s nationalist narrative through analysis of an art collection. This research developed into my Master’s thesis, titled “Ukrainian Interwar Nationalism: The Prague Period.”

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Exhibition Review: Five Elements of War

Daria Marchenko and David Green’s “Five Elements of War,” currently on view at the Ukrainian Institute of America, consists of five politically-charged pieces featuring bold coloring and bullet casings from battlefronts in the Donbass region and Kiev’s Maidan.

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