Rossen Djagalov

Djagalov, Rossen

Rossen Djagalov is an Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Koç University, Istanbul. He completed his PhD in Comparative Literature at Yale University in 2011 after which he worked as a lecturer at Harvard’s Literature and History program and as a postdoc at the Penn Humanities Forum. His dissertation entitled “The People’s Republic of Letters: Towards a Media History of Twentieth-Century Socialist Internationalism” now serves as the basis of a book manuscript. As a Jordan fellow, he will work towards another book-length project, “Premature Postcolonialists: Soviet-Third-World Literary and Cinematic Encounters,” which reconstructs the history of the main organizations within which those encounters took place–the Afro-Asian Writers’ Association (founded in Tashkent in 1958) and the biannual Tashkent Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Film (1968-1990)–and their consequences for Soviet and Third-World cultures.
Articles by Rossen Djagalov

Dangerous Liaisons: Ukraine and Western Slavists

Writing in the middle of a crisis is always dangerous.

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