Scout Mills
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“The Blood Will Grow Up Through the Earth:” Cathartic Reimagining in Oksana Vasyakina’s “Wind of Fury”

Vasyakina’s collective body (“our bodies weave together into one cruel black body”) is a nation of Amazons bound not by their subservience, but by their shared experiences and choice to create their own nation.

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Thesis Profile: The Eurovision Song Contest and Russia’s Place in the Fantasy of European Unity

Why should we care about Eurovision, a spectacle of glitter and camp that thumbs its nose at political protest? In order to argue for the significance of the contest, my thesis, “Bedazzling Russianness in Three Minutes: Eurovision and the Russian Cultural Narrative Abroad,” analyzes Russia’s presence in Eurovision as a country whose recent political developments have severely damaged its reputation in Europe.

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Hip-Hop Lifestyle Branding and Russian Ethno-Nationalism: The Case of Timati

On Vladimir Putin’s sixty-third birthday, Russian rapper and businessman Timur Yunusov — better known by his stage name, “Timati” — released a music video featuring the hook “My best friend is President Putin.” To those unfamiliar with Timati and Russian popular culture, the song was a comical artifact of Putin’s rule over an enigmatic country dominated by kitsch propaganda and undying loyalty to its “supreme leader.” But Timati’s presence in contemporary Russian society extends far beyond his birthday gift to Putin.

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