Veronica Davidov

davidov-portraitVeronica Davidov grew up in the former USSR, moved to the States as a teenager, and now lives in New York City.  She is an environmental and visual anthropologist who does research in Ecuador and in Russia.  She co-edits Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research.
Articles by Veronica Davidov

The Imponderabilia of Immigrant Life: An Immigrant Story

I think of immigration in my subsequent, adult life, not as a determinant but something akin to the zodiac sign if one believes in astrology.

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Putin’s Birthday: What to Get for the Man Who’s Grabbed Everything?

“In an amazing fashion, the events of ancient tales of the mythological hero, Heracles, can be adapted to here and now, when the three-headed Cerberus evokes USA, when the defeat of the Stymphalian birds is putting the stop to aerial bombing in Syria, and the cleaning of the Augean stables is the fight against corruption.”

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The Red Balloon of Russian History: How American Media Misunderstood The Sochi Olympics Opening

Letting go of Communism and the Socialist dream was not the interpretation Russian audiences reached for. And that makes sense—ending a theatrical segment entitled “Dreams about Russia” with the fall of communism is very, well, retro.

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