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The Shamakhmudovs, Part II: The Soviet “Elder Brother” of the Third World

With the relative liberalization of the Soviet regime after the death of Stalin in 1953, the friendship-of-the-Soviet-peoples model was readjusted in the interests of republican party elites, who utilized nationalism as a resource for building political influence.

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The Shamakhmudovs, Part I: Family and Kinship Metaphors in the Soviet Symbolic Order

“The family of an Uzbek blacksmith identified as Shamakmudov [sic] may be the most multi-national in the world, the TASS news agency reported today. Akhmed and his wife adopted 14 children of soldiers killed in World War II including Uzbeks, Russians, Jews, Tartars, Moldavians, and Gypsies,” various American local daily news outlets reported in December 1964. Indeed, the main Soviet information agency, TASS, had run a short article on this Uzbek family as an exemplar of Soviet “friendship of the peoples.”

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