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How Will Russia’s War on Ukraine Change Scholarship on the 19th Century?

New York

On May 25, in the final installment of the 19v Seminar Series for the 2021-2022 academic year, 19v will host a panel asking the question: how will scholarship on nineteenth-century Russian culture and history change in response to Russia’s war on Ukraine? After brief presentations by the speakers below, the panel will be followed by […]

Roundtable on Ecocriticism, Environmental History, and 19th Century Russia: What can we learn beyond a cautionary tale? (with Nicholas Breyfogle, Jane Costlow, and Thomas Hodge)

New York

Join us for another 19v seminar! Over the last three decades ecocriticism and environmental history have evolved exciting and incisive approaches to addressing literary cultural traditions, histories of human interaction with the environment, and understandings of the links between global and local forces. At this roundtable, Nicholas Breyfogle, Jane Costlow and Thomas Hodge will discuss […]

Sovereignty as Enlightenment Allegory (with Harsha Ram)

New York

Alongside the largely unfulfilled obligations of diplomatic treaties and military alliances, the first century of modern Russian-Georgian relations also produced a striking body of literary texts which can be seen to explore deeper shifts in the symbolic valence of sovereignty. First theorized in the early modern era, sovereignty has conventionally been understood to designate the […]