Our mission


The Center undertakes to make Russia intrinsic to all aspects of scholarly investigation: from history to journalism and visual culture, politics to literature, economics to anthropology. The Jordan Center recognizes that all countries are specific and unique, and each country must be properly appreciated through comprehensive and well-rounded study. At the same time the Center recognizes the importance of comparison in an increasingly global and integrated planet. Russia should be a part of every conversation because its influence has been dramatic and enduring, and because any country is best understood as part of a global economy, culture, and politics. The US and western universities have a long and distinguished tradition of inquiry and expertise on matters Russian and Soviet. The Jordan Center joins those ranks but with the distinct mission of situating Russia in a global context. The Center educates Russia specialists on the interconnectedness of Russia with the world, and reminds other fields of Russia’s ubiquity.

With this ubiquity in mind, the Center encourages a better understanding of Russia by stimulating study at an advanced level in the schools and departments of NYU with more programming and funding. It provides support and encouragement for advanced students, and ample opportunity to showcase cutting-edge research by faculty and students alike. It sponsors and organizes programs of lectures, research, scholarship, and public presentations that link Russia with other regions of the world on a thematic basis. The events can address issues in the news or long-term problems in scholarship and interpretation.

The Center combats parochialism on all sides. The Center reinforces the belief that any country is a part of a larger global process, and every global process has a national setting. These unique perspectives are made readily available to a larger audience of policy makers, cultural activists, the media, and scholars.