Announcing Upcoming Events Sponsored by 19v, a Working Group on Nineteenth-Century Russian Culture

Please join us on Zoom Wednesday, June 24, 12-2 pm EST (Link:, for an interdisciplinary roundtable on “What Is The 19th Century?” with panelists Alex Martin (University of Notre Dame), Rosalind Polly Blakesley (Cambridge), and Luba Golburt (Berkeley). The panel will be moderated by Sara Dickinson (Università di Genova).

This event kicks off the 19v Seminar Series (sponsored by NYU’s Jordan Center on the Advanced Study of Russia) with reflections on what our object of study really is: When does the century begin and when does it end? Where can or should lines be drawn or erased between centuries? And are the answers to these questions different for different disciplines? Our speakers represent perspectives from the fields of history, art history, and literary studies.

Please also mark your calendars for these upcoming 19v Seminars (always on Wednesdays, all times listed are EST):

JULY 1, 12-2 pm

Allison Leigh (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) – “Alexander Ivanov: Painting, Desire, and the 19th-Century Male Nude”

JULY 15, 12-2 pm

Vadim Shneyder (UCLA) – TBA

JULY 29, 12-2 pm

Colleen Lucey (University of Arizona) – “Women on the Market: The Dowerless Bride in 19th-Century Russia”

AUG 12, 12-2 pm

Valeria Sobol (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Katherine Bowers (University of British Columbia) – “New Research on the 19th-c. Russian Gothic”

SEPT 9, 11 am-1 pm

Maria Taroutina (Yale – NUS College) – TBA