Creating an Identity Discourse: The Ways of the Word

On Friday, February 15, the Jordan Center once again had the honor of hosting associate professor and historian Anna Krylova, this time for a colloquium on her newest research project: “Toward a History of the ‘Soviet’: The Franco Lingua of Soviet Modernity.” Not disregarding general Soviet history, Krylova’s focus is set on investigating how terms such as “Marxist,” “Soviet,” and “modernity” changed their connotations and meanings in Soviet society from the early 1920s to the late 1930s. Her work thus resonates within a vast range of scholarly disciplines.

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Women Soldiers: Anna Krylova and Soviet Gender Categories

Elizabeth Banks is a Graduate Student in NYU’s History Department.

“God blessed Vasilisa with the greatest courage of all”

Last Friday the Jordan Center joined with the NYU History Department’s History of Women and Gender group to welcome Anna Krylova to Washington Square. We enjoyed a lively discussion, stimulated by Krylova’s paper on how findings from her research into Soviet re-thinking of gender categories and the acceptance of the woman-soldier identity can be applicable to the field of gender history as a whole.

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