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“Everyone Reads the Text That’s in Their Own Head”: An Interview with Linor Goralik

I’ve really lucked out in that I really consider myself to be a private individual, I don’t feel the need to look for a relationship to the Russian literary canon, in any real sense. I just don’t have that emotional sense of continuity inside, that emotional thread that would say “Here I am!” and tie me to my place in the Russian canon. For better or worse.

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Reinventing the Soviet Past: Actor Pavel Derevyanko’s “Positive Heroes”

In the series “Dark Side of the Moon” (2011-) and in the film “Salyut-7” (2017), historical and biographical truth take a backseat to the aesthetic and ideological needs of the present. What matters more are the hero’s personal values: Derevyanko, in both the film and the TV series, plays a man who understands Soviet values, puts country and duty above personal desires, and does not waver in the face of the impossible.

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Linor Goralik: “She Said, He Said”

Like, here, I had this parrot, and you know, they live a long time. Well, he died, like, he was sitting on my shoulder and all of a sudden I thought he’d flown off, but then I felt his claws on my back—he’d fallen backwards. Well, I even, you know, I even cried. He lived a long time. So I couldn’t throw him out, I put him in a plastic box and buried him at my dacha.

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Exhibition Review: Five Elements of War

Daria Marchenko and David Green’s “Five Elements of War,” currently on view at the Ukrainian Institute of America, consists of five politically-charged pieces featuring bold coloring and bullet casings from battlefronts in the Donbass region and Kiev’s Maidan.

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Another Face of Soviet Nostalgia: Daniil Kharms

Taken to the limit, nostalgia for Kharms permits the union of seemingly incompatible elements — according to its logic, there is no contradiction in, say, enjoying the author’s dark comedy while simultaneously admiring Stalin’s managerial prowess. 

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