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The Leviathan and the Gutter: interviews NYU’s Mikhail Iampolski (Part II)

It’s all very sad, I think. The capacity for thought has already disappeared, and now dignity is gradually being snuffed out, but I don’t see any solutions. People still depend on these vestiges of government. And the government is acting like a depraved medieval lord rather than a modern, institutionalized structure. When libraries are forced to pull books from their shelves — for example, Russian classics published by the Soros Foundation — what can it mean?

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Exhibit Review: “Russian Revolution: A Contested Legacy (1917-2017)”

This fall, the International Print Center New York commemorates the centennial of the Russian Revolution with the exhibit “Russian Revolution: A Contested Legacy” (1917-2017). Curator Masha Chlenova combines historical, early-Soviet, and print media with contemporary works by Yevgeniy Fiks and Anton Ginzburg.

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Hacking, Heckling, and Conspiracy: Interview with Julia Ioffe

What you need is something we don’t have yet in the case of the election, and might never have, which is somebody from the inside saying, “Here’s how we did it.” And once they do, it’s going to be surprising. It won’t be the way that we predicted. Because truth is stranger than fiction.

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Rasputin’s Penis: The Documentary (Part I)

All we could confirm was this: in the late 1990s, a man named Michael Augustine purchased a storage locker that turned out to be belong to Marie Rasputin — Rasputin’s daughter — who had moved to California and died there in 1977. He discovered what appeared to be a giant penis preserved in a jar among Marie’s personal effects.

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