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Smoked Out

Yes my friends, it's finally here, a federal law prohibiting smoking indoors


Liberty Island or Liberty Peninsula?

Crimea “has always really been part of Russia” only after it had already been annexed. That is, the sentiment that some parts of Ukraine are really Russia was not an...


Told you so about Sochi (Part II)

Strangely enough, fears of violence against gays can act as good PR for Russia by drawing attention away against a real threat: terrorism from the Caucasus.


Elton John as Gay Propaganda in Russia

An Imam in Kazan had prayed to prevent Elton John from performing because of his homosexuality. This is about as peaceful and spiritual as protests get.


I’ve Got A Lucky Ticket

The phenomenon of the lucky ticket is one that every Russian knows from childhood if she is lucky enough to take the bus.


Mikhail Lermontov Part I: The Original Hipster

If Russian literature is a history of Pushkin imitators, then Lermontov came first, and he’s still the best. Many have tried imitate Pushkin’s style, but few went as far to...


The Simpsons go to 1990’s Russia

The writers of The Simpsons may have been showing their age by making two counterfeit jeans jokes about Russia in only one episode, but they aren’t completely unfamiliar with Russian...


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