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New Languages of Hostility and Resistance: Politicizing Russophone Poetry, Part I

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the amount of Russian-language poetry online has skyrocketed. Some poems express support for the war. Others resist not only Russian aggression itself, but also the Kremlin propaganda worldview, which defines the “good” as whatever benefits the regime.


Sociology of Corruption: Patterns of Illegal Association in Hungary

Since 2010, Orbán’s government has induced a radical transformation of grand corruption patterns in Hungary: a shift from oligarchic or economic state capture toward political state capture, in which complex corrupt networks are professionally designed and managed by the very top of the political elite.


“Noblemen”: Belarusians fighting for Ukraine

After February 2022, Belarusians played a decisive role in countering the Russian advance on Kyiv. The logic behind their mobilization was simple: “Without a free Ukraine, there won’t be a free Belarus.”


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