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“Two Ukraines” and Euromaidan

The Jordan Center welcomed Ukrainian historian Andrii Portnov on Tuesday, April 15th for a discussion of the dominant media and political narrative which has emerged to describe the ongoing crisis...


The Crimea Conflict: A Transatlantic Conversation

Former lawmakers from across the Atlantic and party lines, gathered on Monday, April 7th, to discuss the ongoing diplomatic crisis between the United States, Europe, Ukraine, and Russia over the...


Panel Discusses Russia, Ukraine, and the Crimean Crisis

In light of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the Jordan Center welcomed several distinguished guests to discuss the events at Maidan, Russia’s involvement in the Crimean referendum for independence, and...


Petre Petrov: Colloquium Recap

Assistant Professor of Russian Petre Petrov of Princeton University presented an overview of his upcoming book to guests at the Jordan Center on November 8th. Petrov’s book examines Modernism as...


Reenactments of 1917 in Film: Conference Recap

In collaboration with NYU’s Department of Comparative Literature and the Department of Cinema Studies, the Jordan Center welcomed speakers and guests November 17-18 for “Reenactments of 1917 in Film.” As...


The Sources of Putin's Support: Panel Recap

On Friday, October 25th the Jordan Center welcomed three NYU-based experts on contemporary Russian politics to participate in a panel discussion regarding the current situation of President Vladimir Putin’s regime.


A Look Back: The Long Year 2012

The year 2012 saw an unprecedented explosion of dialogue between the public and the regime in Putin’s Russia, a place that, up until then, seemed like one ruled by stagnation...


Presnya: a Discussion with Ilya Budraitskis

The Tashkent Film Festival was a major venue for international exchange among the filmmakers, critics, as well as the politically engaged artists worldwide, and a unique screening space for World Cinema in the 1960s-1970s.


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