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“Noblemen”: Belarusians fighting for Ukraine

After February 2022, Belarusians played a decisive role in countering the Russian advance on Kyiv. The logic behind their mobilization was simple: “Without a free Ukraine, there won’t be a free Belarus.”


Call for Submissions: 2024 Graduate Student Essay Competition

The Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia and The Jordan Center Blog are pleased to announce the fourth annual Graduate Student Essay Competition. Enter for a chance to get published on the blog and win cash prizes.


The 1990 Revolution on Granite as Ukraine’s New Beginning

The Revolution on Granite was significant for 2 reasons. First, it was a starting point for aspirations of Ukrainian independence. Second, it became a prototype for subsequent Ukrainian revolutions and a precursor to future events set on the Maidan.


Why Talk About Regional Leadership in a Time of War?

Will a major power always hurt smaller nations simply because it can and wants to, ignoring all rules and obligations? Or will the major power build a more complex relationship with smaller nations that are ultimately beneficial to both sides?


Demographic Messaging in Russian Television Films After 2008: “I Am Happy” (2010) and “The Millionaire” (2012)

On 15 August 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order reinstating the Mother-Heroine medal. The original award, conferred in USSR between 1944 and 1991, rewarded mothers of ten or more living children with a medal and various privileges


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