Resources on Topics of Race and Racism in Russian Studies

In the wake of the national uprising calling for an end to police violence and systemic racism in the United States, many Russian Studies scholars have recognized the need to look inward and center voices and perspectives that have been marginalized in our field. We have compiled a list of resources on topics of race and racism in Russian and Eurasian studies, many of them written and created by BIPOC scholars and artists, in the hopes of facilitating this ongoing conversation by providing easy access to information. Now is the time for learning, reflection, and action toward an equitable field. We hope you will join us.

We thank Hilah Kohen for the original idea for this resource, as well Aisha Powell, Sarah Valentine, Jennifer Wilson and B. Amarillis Lugo de Fabritz for the original posts included as part of Hilah’s twitter thread.

Lastly, we are extremely grateful for the many suggestions that have helped us compile these lists.  If you have any additional suggestions — or believe we have incorrectly included something — please let us know:

Table of Contents

1. University Press Books

2. Journal Articles

3. Non-Fiction (Books and Essays)

4. Fiction (Novels and Short Stories)

5. Film

6. Lectures

7. Podcasts