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Rethinking Putin: A Talk by Professor Stephen Cohen

In this brief talk, originally delivered on 2 December 2017 aboard "The Nation"'s annual cruise, Professor Cohen tries to revise popular perceptions of Vladimir Putin as a leader by putting...


Cold War Again: Who’s Responsible?

The East-West confrontation over Ukraine, which led to Moscow’s annexation of Crimea but long predated it, is potentially the worst international crisis in more than fifty years—and the most fateful....


Syria: The Alternative to War

By claiming for weeks that “doing nothing” is the only alternative to a “limited” military response to the Assad regime’s reported use of chemical weapons in Syria—plainly stated, an illegal...


America's New Cold War With Russia

With the full support of a feckless policy elite and an uncritical media establishment, Washington is slipping, if not plunging, into a new cold war with Moscow.


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