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On Studying and Teaching Lesser-Known Russian Writers

At every meeting of “The Other 19v,” a reading group devoted to discussing less-studied nineteenth-century Russian writers, we find new insights into this century of literary experimentation and cultural transformation....


Minor Writers and the Major Leagues, Part II

Another reason to study minor writers is that they help us to understand historical eras. They are part of the thick description of a given time. For the major-centric among...


19v So Far

As we approach the one-year mark of 19v’s inception, I’ve been polling some of our participants to learn which of our activities have proven valuable so far and what we...


Art in the Middle

When I started working on nineteenth-century Russian art almost two decades ago, one of the things that surprised me most was the stark division between the two halves of the...


Between the Provinces and the World

Here, I will first explain my personal understanding of the meaning of "the provinces" to Russian Studies, then expound on some aspects of the same concept within Chinese and Russian...


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